There are various pests that invade our comfort in our homes and work areas such as bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, fleas, ants, termites, silverfish, mosquitoes and rodents such as mice and rats. These pests are a major threat considering some carry disease causing germs and cause untold damage to property. There are many ways of eliminating these pests which is a prudent thing to do in order to enjoy the comfort our homes provide. Some of the factors that one should consider before embarking on pest extermination include: the extent of infestation, cost, chemicals used for extermination, time involved to exterminate the pests and hazard level.

Different pests have different extermination methods and there are hundreds of pests exterminators available by a click of a mouse. Before the era of internet technology people used to search for exterminators manually through directories, unlike today where it is far much easier to locate an exterminator. All is required is to do a search on the internet search engines and just as simple as that, you get the answer to your pests problem. Safety is a key consideration during extermination especially when used indoors. This is because some of the pesticides used are synthetic and they could pose serious health risks to people and pets. It is therefore important to ensure that your choice pest extermination company has qualified and experienced professionals who know how to use the pesticides accordingly.

In the event that the level of pest infestation is high, it is advisable to seek professional services from pest exterminators. This is because despite the fact that there are many sprays and bait products that can be used by homeowners to eliminate pests; they may not be fully effective if there is a full blown infestation. Homeowners may not have the knowledge of pests’ behavior and their nesting habits. A home is probably the most valuable possession most people have. Lack of knowledge of pest infestations and extermination can cause damage and this can be minimized if the problem is identified and dealt with in a timely manner. The following are some of the pests that attack a home and may require professional services to exterminate.

Termites and Ants
Termites and ants hide out in places that are hard to find, and that are even harder to reach, especially for unsuspecting homeowners. Termite treatment requires special equipment and may involve drilling into a home’s foundation. For these reason, a termite problem is best if handled by a professional exterminator.

Stinging Insects
Pests such as bees, wasps and hornets are sometimes extremely dangerous to deal with. Anything that aggravates these stinging insects can potentially get you into problems that may require medical attention. Pest exterminators have the knowledge on how to handle these stinging pests and it is best for homeowners not to risk eliminating them.

Getting rid of fleas can be extremely difficult if the right procedure of extermination is not followed. Pests such as cats and dogs are the most common target for fleas but humans can also be affected. Fleas often hide in carpet fibers and other fluffy areas. The females often lay cocoon’s which can produce about 800 eggs. Eventually, this can cause a serious infestation if the eggs hatch. It is therefore important to eliminate the adult fleas before they exponentially multiply.

Flies can cause serious health problems because they carry disease causing germs. Even though flies do not bite, they easily contaminate food and food preparation surfaces where they leave a trail of germs. The best way to eliminate flies is to prevent them from invading a home. This can be achieved by maintaining cleanliness, sealing trash cans, throw away vegetables and foods before they are too stale to be consumed, closing doors and windows when necessary and sealing other entry points.


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