Ants Control Service PhiladelphiaAnts belong to the family of Formicidae along with other insects such as wasps and bees. It is believed that they evolved from the wasp-like ancestors millions of years ago and have various diversified types and kinds now. There are over 22,000 species of ants of which about 12,500 have been classified.

All ants form colonies and have specialized groups of ants which performs specific functions. The functions and roles that all ants are specialized are from workers, soldiers and other groups. Almost every colony includes drone ants which are all fertile and has one or more fertile female ants known as the queen.

Other unique trait of ants is the fact that each ant can communicate between individuals and even solve complex problems in their work. They can be likened to human society and cultures due to their networking and structure. Ants are even used in various fields of human culture such as medications, rituals and even cuisine. Certain ant species are even used as biological pest control agents due to their capability to kill and destroy other pest. They can however destroy crops and enter buildings.


Ants range in different sizes depending on their species and types. They range between 0.75 to 52 millimeters in length. They also vary in color. From red to black ants, and even some green ants found in tropics and other colors as well. Ants have three body segments which are the head, metasoma and the mesosoma. Like other insects they also have an exoskeleton which provides protection around their body and acts as an attachment for their muscles. Like all insects, the ant has no lungs as the oxygen passes through their exoskeleton.

Most ant species have a system where in only the queen and breeding females are allowed to mate. Unlike what many believe, ant colonies may consist of several queens and others even exist without queens. There are even some worker ants that can reproduce. These ants are called gamergates. Colonies who do not have a queen are known as gamergate colonies. The drones which are the winged male ants do nothing throughout their lifespan except eat and mate.


Most colonies ants are univoltine which produces a new generation of ants yearly. During each year for a specific period, new reproductive ants, females and even drones leave the colony. The males leave first in what is called a nuptial flight. They use their visual cues to look for common mating areas. They look for places where male ants meet and converge. In order for the female to follow the male ants, the males leave pheromones which allow the other ants to follow them.

Once the females have mated with the males, they then look for a suitable place where they can start a colony. At this stage the females break their wings and start laying eggs. The first batch of worker ants are usually weaker than the ants that follow but they immediately serve the colony and look for food or enlarge the territory of the nest. Other species who have multiple queens would have the queen to also leave and look for a nest.


Ants can be found in almost every continents of the world. Continents and places where they can’t be found are on the Antarctic region as well as certain islands such as Greenland, Iceland and Hawaii. This is because these islands lack native ant species originally. Ants are capable of thriving in various ecological niches and areas and are even capable of exploiting food from these areas. They can consume and store a variety of food. They can act like herbivores, predators and even scavengers eating and consuming a wide range of food choices. Most species of ants are omnivores and can basically eat anything from meat and plants.

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