There areroach1 different ways to repel cockroaches from your home but many people are now turning to repellents to do the job. There are many cockroach repellents available on the market today offering different options on smell and effectiveness. The main purpose for repellents is to create an environment that makes it uncomfortable for roaches to nest and move around. As such, the repellent must be toxic enough to be effective for a long period of time. Some repellents are branded as natural while some are purely chemical but you need to buy one that is suitable for the home environment. Here are a few repellents that have been widely recommended for their effectiveness and user friendliness.

Red pepper spray

Red pepper is a common ingredient in insect repellents. Cockroaches detest red pepper and they will easily avoid coming near its smell. You need to spray on all spaces in the kitchen, bathroom, wardrobes and any other hiding places to have maximum impact. You can make this spray at home by mixing red pepper, vinegar and water. You then need to spray and leave it for some time to dry if you need to wipe. If you need to wipe, do not use a wet cloth as it may wipe away the residual smell that is necessary for continued protection.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are a good natural cockroach repellent. They are readily available in the grocery stores. All you need to do is place the whole leaf in the cabinet or sachets of the crushed dried leaves in closets and cabinets. This is a natural repellent that will not have any effect on humans. It is ideal for houses where there are cases of allergy or asthma.  It is also good for places where food is stored as most likely to be infested by cockroaches.

Mint oil

Mint oil is used in the manufacture of a number of non toxic cockroach sprays. It has a suffocating effect on roaches on contact.  You can make your own mint oil repellent in your home  and use as a natural repellent, this spray may not kill roaches as fast as chemical sprays but it will serve to repel them away from their hiding places in your home.

Moth balls

Moths have been used for a long time to repel moths. Like moths, roaches don’t like the smell of moth balls. The common usage is to place a couple of the moth balls behind your cooker to keep the roaches from hiding around there. You may also have several in the cabinets and also under the sink and any other place where roaches make home.  They are very effective and can be useful for as long as they remain there.  Moth balls are however not supposed to be used near food or food preparation areas as they are not good for humans.

Cedar products

The cedar tree is famous for its biological components and oils that offer resistance to many insects and other pests.  You can also make use of these properties and oils by using cedar veneers, blocks, chips dust and cedar balls by using them as lining fro drawers, cabinets and wardrobes. You can also use them as paneling to line closet walls, for enhanced protection.

Cockroaches can be both a menace and a health hazard at home if not dealt with. They damage clothes, beddings and other fabric and can visit untold suffering. They can also transmit diseases and thus there is need to employ any possible means to repel them and if possible exterminate them.  Any of the above cockroach repellent or a combination will do you good service especially if you are not facing a serious roach infestation in which case you may require professional extermination.

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