rat piperRats are common pests found usually in dirty places. You will find them near the dumpster trucks and in garbage disposal areas. These are places where they find food and shelter and from where they spread to nearby areas. Their best target in any neighborhood is the home especially where food is left over on kitchen tops and on the floor at night. Rats have a way of finding unusual entry points to your house using routes you may never think about.  Most of the times, they will use open drainage systems and big ventilation openings. Once they are in the house, the process of reproduction begins and you could have very many born out of just two or three in a short time.  The biggest question in the minds of those whose houses have been infested with rats is how to get rid of them before they multiply so much. Rats also target restaurants and hotels due to the sometimes low hygienic standards observed there.

Many people don’t realize the health risk posed by rats in the home. Rats live and feed from dirty places which are infested with disease causing microorganism.  These disease causing organisms find home in the rats legs and mouth as the rats walk and feed on the garbage. Eventually the rats crawl into a clean house or restaurant, coming into contact with your food and other items commonly used in the home or restaurant. In this course the disease causing microorganisms are transferred in those items and eventually to humans. The results are ill health and medical expenses.  Here are some diseases that are spread by rats.


This is a disease caused by consumption of food or water that is contaminated with rodent urine.  It can also be caused by breathing in through the nose water that is contaminated with rat urine.  This is a dangerous disease that can result in problems with the kidney, meningitis, liver and the respiratory system.

Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome

Breathing in dust that is contaminated with rat urine or droppings or coming into direct contact with rats and their excrements are the main causes of this disease. The disease causes intense headaches, chills, fever, nausea, redness of eyes, poor vision, acute shock, low blood pressure, rashes and acute kidney failure.


This is a disease caused by coming into contact with an infected animal or rat. It can also be contracted by being bitten by infected fleas that resides on rats. This disease can result into death or severe illness if not diagnosed and treated well. It requires immediate treatment with antibiotics. There is an estimated 1,000 – 3,000 plague cases reported globally per year.

Rat bite fever


This is a disease caused by a bite or scratch by an infected rat. It causes vomiting, muscle and joint pain, sore throat and headache.

Rats are dangerous wherever they are either at home or at the restaurant. They can cause untold damage to a business especially if you have a restaurant and it happens that one customer got infected and was able to trace you as the source of the disease. It can have serious damaging reports that can render the whole business unprofitable. All this is because one person failed to take a step of exterminating the rats at the right time. Getting rats out of your home can be a quite challenging task especially where you are relying of pesticides. You may not know the best for your type of rats as their effectiveness varies. You might also not have the know how on how to go about preparing the product and how to apply it effectively. That is where you can call the services of a professional who understand how to deal with the problem. Besides exterminating the rats, they also leave you with handy tips on how to keep your home secure.

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